Kids on Clifton is an early childhood creative learning and development day-care situated in athlone, Pietermaritzburg. 

The Day-care

Kids On Clifton is an early childhood creative learning and development Centre based in Athlone, Pietermaritzburg. We are open Monday through Friday from 07:30 until 16:30, aftercare services are also provided. We offer a tailored program that underpins the cognitive, emotional, social, physical, language and aesthetic development of our children. 

The Teachers

We have loving, qualified and experienced Foundation Phase and Early Childcare specialists on-site. 

Kids On Clifton is all about developing confident young souls and at the very heart of that ambition is the passion our day-care custodian, Sandra King, has in developing and stimulating young minds.

Sandra King, is an Early Childhood Educator and Foundation Phase Specialist. She began her teaching career at Greenwood Park Primary School in Durban and went on to lecture at the then, Bechet College. Thereafter she lectured at the then, L.C Johnson Technical College in her capacity as Head of Department: Educare and Childcare she also served as an examiner and moderator for the National Exams in Education for Childcare.

Her philosophy is simple; "Every child has potential it can remain dormant or it can be activated. We are passionate about stimulating young children and developing their potential through the creation of a stimulating/ challenging and interesting environment. A child begins to understand its capabilities and limitations in this type of environment. The outcome would be a confident child that looks forward to new experiences and challenges without fear"   


Kids on Clifton is proud to offer a structured preschool program. This program targets children ages 2 to 4 yrs.  Activities include circle time, calendar time, weather chart, group activities and discussion and 1-2 crafts per day. We also incorporate morning and afternoon outside play when weather allows. There are many learning stations in our daycare playroom. There is a housekeeping & fantasy play area, blocks and puzzles, activity boards and books, dress up items and much more!



Sandra Mobile: 082 257 2160

Landline: 033 347 5963